Switzerland cheers France in a tiebreaker in a dramatic fight

Switzerland took the lead through Harris Seferovic’s goal. Then France turned around wonderfully. France was moving towards an easy victory with one goal each. But in the last 9 minutes, the Swiss changed the picture of the match. They returned to parity with two goals in a row. In the extra time of the match, it did not come to fruition, then the Swiss won the thrilling tiebreaker.[ Switzerland cheers France ]

Romania’s National Arena drew 3-3 in regulation time on Monday. After the tiebreaker Killian Mbabane missed the sport kick, the switches left the field after winning 5-4.

Harris Seferovic scored twice and Mario Gavranovic scored once for the Swiss. Karim Benzema scored a pair of goals for France and Paul Pogba scored a goal.

Switzerland took the lead in the 15th minute of the match. Seferovic netted a great header on a teammate’s extended cross.[ Switzerland cheers France ]

France fell behind and became desperate to return to the match. The Swiss increased the edge of the attack again. The Swiss increased the attack in the 42nd minute of the first half. Akanji’s shot from the D-box was missed.

Returning from the break, Pavard fouled the opponent’s player in his own box. The referee awarded a penalty to Switzerland with the help of VAR. Ricardo Rodriguez took a weak sport kick there. French goalkeeper Loris wrapped his shot in gloves.

Switzerland missed the opportunity to widen the gap. Then France increased the attack. In the 56th minute, Killian Mbabane took a missed shot at Pogbar’s cross. In the next minute, Karim Benzema equalized for France with the pass of this forward.

Benzema gave France the lead in the space of two minutes. Benzema was caught in the head by Griezmann’s volley goalkeeper from the left.

Pogba extended the lead in the 65th minute with a great goal. The French were advancing towards victory. Seferovic broke the deadlock six minutes later. Gavranovic equalized for Switzerland in the last minute of regulation time.

Extra time in the match. Fight on the field with every attack. Both sides continued to fight in the same rhythm. The match ended in a tiebreaker as no result came in extra time. From there, Switzerland reached the quarter finals with a 6-5 victory.

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