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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA is the best choice at this moment to boost your various digital accounts security to detect a right user— establishing a secured access to an online account or computer system— that requires the user to provide two different types of information for log in properly.

The reasons why use Two-factor authentication

(2FA) is so important are— to protect your account from unauthorized log in attempt and stop hacker or someone who has already your username and password, they won’t be able to access your data without your permission.

The “Two-factor” name refers to using a second code within your password to create a new successful log in without any risk. Generally Authenticator Apps provide extra 2FA code for Android and iOS. The apps are simple but straightforward to persuade a computer system or online service that you are the right or wrong person to access controls on that page, so the system can properly detect if you have the rights to access the data services that you’re trying to access.

Username or password pair is the most authentication factor use in 2021 and since normally most accounts only require a password or alternative previous saved security code for access, most systems thus use single-factor authentication for security. But two-factor authentication ask for provide both a password and prove of your identity some other way to gain access.

Today i am going to show you how to switch from your Google Authenticator to Twilio Authy.

Authy is an excellent all-around 2FA app— offers desktop access support, runs on multiple accounts, prevents in-app screenshots, uses encrypted recovery backups and more—it’s very decent to use and protect all website accounts and informations.

Although we’re focusing on Google Authenticator to Authy here, the process and steps of switching between any other most 2FA apps is same. Firstly sure to double-check the process for your own apps to ensure a smooth transition.

Secondly you need to make sure you’ve got both Google Authenticator and Twilio Authy apps installed on your phone. Then you can start switching authentication your accounts over, one by one.

There’s no automatic way or speedy process here. You have to open and browse into your accounts, disabling the 2FA feature temporarily, and then try to re-enabling it with Authy instead of Google Authenticator app. That’s the easy to switch your Google Authentication app.

Nowadays, Google and other web platforms prefer to use a prompt on your phone as the 2FA confirmation, but you’ll find Authy— a better authenticator app than Google Authenticator App.

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Finally click Set Up, and you’ll eventually be shown a QR code on your screen, which you can scan anytime using the Authy app. In Authy, you must tap Add Account and then Scan QR Code to complete your journey to switch Google Authenticator app.

Cybersecurity Specialists always suggest to check that the login you’ve swapped is working well before moving on to the next one. Moreover to remove an account from Google Authenticator, tap and hold on it, then press the Trash Button from top right. Next go through the list of accounts you’ve configured in the app, select and switch turning 2FA off and on for each one accounts.

Two-fator Authentication (2FA) is the best cybersecurity strategy that prevents unauthorized access and protect your digital accounts. Switching Google Authenticator App to Twilio Aurthy is another step to guard your private data more safely.

Saadaf Amin
Writer, Editor

Durdin Magazine

By saadaf Amin

Saadaf Amin is a Bangladeshi Writer and Artist. He is also known as the acting editor of Durdin Magazine.