Sucide prevention in urban area of Bangladesh

Suicide is one of the most talked about events of our time. School children, young adults, adult homeowners or the elderly are not covered.

Campaigning around, frustration, drugs, lack of confidence, lack of support, etc. are the reasons for this.

Telling them how to deal with them in such a situation, or how to stay strong in such a situation. Needless to say, after these campaigns, some campaigners are choosing the path of suicide even in the frustration of their lives. But why? Of course, there are some small flaws in the campaign, for which it does not affect the campaigners themselves. I want to say something about those errors.
The main reason for blaming suicide is depression. Well, where does frustration come from? The answer is twofold, failure and remorse. When it comes to failure, it should be said that people do not commit suicide due to any general failure. On the contrary, if you dream big about something and then fail there, such frustration arises. In most cases, such failures are faced by people who have never had failure in the past. The main reason for the failure is the narrowness of the thinking that has always been built up in the house, or the failure to step on the wrong path without realizing one’s own ability after winning by fighting with some people who are always less skilled than oneself. Of course, those who overcome various obstacles go to the same level, but not all of them are successful. However, they come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. Even if they fail to do so, they can accept it, which no one born into an unreal fantasy can accept. As a result, they want to commit suicide and be released.

Another major cause of human frustration is remorse It could be a past misdeed like Lord Clive’s, it could be for stepping on the wrong path like a failed lover, it could be for the parents to look after the child.

The burden of remorse is a very difficult thing. Not everyone can stand it. Some people can be patient for it, others want a quick solution.

Many of those who do not get a quick solution go on the path of drugs, while many choose the path of suicide.
However, it is relatively easy to get this class of people off the path of suicide than the failed class. Because those who commit suicide because they can’t stand the shame of failure, they don’t give anyone any time. That class of people has no choice but to warn them before failure and teach them to handle the situation. Once they fail, they no longer have the opportunity to learn anew. But the man who is tired of remorse takes time. She looks for a man to tell her the words. Many times due to generation gap or embarrassment he cannot say anything to the family. He can talk to friends up to a certain age or time, but there may be times when he can’t find a friend to talk to. He can’t dare to see a psychiatrist, because in our country, if anyone goes to them, he is considered as crazy. As a result, he is emotionally broken.

During this time, if someone tries to understand his mental state and stays by his side, it is only possible to stop him from going on the path of suicide.

Lack of trust is the biggest culprit for suicide after failure and remorse. It can be twofold at once. Lack of self-confidence and distrust of the people around you. Distrust of oneself is born when one fails in many successive places. Then he thinks that nothing is really possible with him. In many cases the people around play an influential role here. Distrust of man is born when he continues to be deceived by many people. This is not to say that there is deception in all cases, even if one does not get anything as expected, such distrust comes. Now if this distrust is seen in both cases in someone, then he starts suffering from extreme frustration, fear and emotional stress. When they do not get emotional support from anyone at this time, they choose the path of suicide to get rid of everything.
An important point here is that such people cannot accept the psychological support given by everyone. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” The subject can be easily told through a story.

Once a disciple of Gautama Buddha came out of his ashram with knowledge, there is Hari in all living beings. As he was walking down the street, he saw a mad elephant running towards him and all the people on the road were running away in fear. He thought, Hari in me, Hari in the elephant One Hari and one Hari will not do unnecessary harm. Thinking this, while he was standing, the elephant came in front of him. The elephant rider said to him from above, My elephant has gone mad, you move away. The man remembered Hari without listening to him, and as usual the elephant grabbed him by the trunk and struck him hard. Fortunately, the man survived and went to the Buddha and told him all the facts. The Buddha then said, O fool, did you see Hari in yourself, did you see Hari in the elephant, but did you not see Hari in that ride?
The present condition of every human being is in the same place. There are only certain people in the place of elephants and any other people in the place of riding. They want the Buddha to talk about the pain, just as they do to the elephant. So I can’t stand next to any person who is suffering from depression, fear and stress. And even if he could, it would be as useless as standing ঐ riding words All I can do here is find someone who matters to the depressed person and ask him or her to stand by that person. If the process is successful, it is possible to bring such people back to the path of life. That’s why I think anti-suicidal campaigns are better for frustrated people than for frustrated people.
As all the reasons for suicide have already been shown, at the root of everything is an issue, the environment. A person’s thoughts, morals, feelings, lifestyle all belong to his environment. These include his favorite movies, favorite songs, favorite books, favorite games, friends, enemies, unpleasant people, unpleasant objects, unpleasant works, and so on. It is normal for a person who is constantly singing songs of separation and despair to get frustrated gradually. It is easy for a person who is involved in destructive movies or games to make destructive decisions about himself. The man who sees the emotions of others as useless, once his own emotions explode, it is very difficult to control.

Analyzing the number of suicides, it is seen that the suicide rate of such people is the highest.
The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to morality is religion. Every religion is a recognized law of morality, which is precise and clear. These can be discussed or criticized, but it is impossible to deny. When morality is left in the hands of human conscience without specification, the same result comes from one’s point of view. For example, in some European countries, suicide is recognized, and suicide cells are available for those who wish to do so. As is said in many places, suicide is not a solution. My point is that those who commit suicide do not seek a solution, they seek liberation. In this case, religions are one step ahead. In every conventional religion, suicide is mentioned as a heinous crime, and for it there is a severe punishment in the hereafter. If a person has a religious feeling, he will not commit suicide even if he thinks about that punishment. And not having a religious feeling is not the same as committing suicide. But it requires foresight.
I personally believe in Islam. But I do not claim to be fully religious. I also listen to music, but I am more interested in songs that teach me to live. As Nachiketa’s song says, “Every day I go home and do a lot of calculations, I don’t want this life, that’s what life is all about”. Or Breaking Benjamin says, “suddenly the lights go out, let forever drag me down, I will fight for one last breath, I will fight until the end”. Even in the case of movies, games or books, it is better to choose with constructive thoughts. Before choosing a friend and considering someone as an enemy, it is very important to know him properly. Time sharing should be considered as fruitful as possible. Remember, suicide is no small matter. And every big event follows a big process. So if there is any sign of a suicidal process in one’s environment or way of life, one has to change it at that moment. If the seed is destroyed in the bud, the tree does not grow. And this may be the most advanced solution to prevent suicide.

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Writer :  Ashik Rayhan from Durdin Magazine Durdin Magazine 

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