Let’s visit Sagarkanya Island – Sandwip

The truth of this statement can be properly understood by visiting the very ancient island of Sandwip in Bangladesh. It is popularly known as ‘Sagar Kanya Dwip’ to the locals. Usually November to March is the best time to visit. It is best to be careful not to travel by sea as the tide is high at other times of the year.

“She is my Bengali mother
In the interest of the anxious form
My heart goes out to you.

How to get there:
Waterways are the main means of communication in Sandwip Upazila from any part of Bangladesh. BIW is available for travel from the island to the mainland. TC’s two steamers (one of which is currently closed due to a natural change).

Get off at the AK Khan junction in Chittagong from anywhere in the country. From here you can reach Kumiraghat by private car or local bus. Local bus fare will be 15 rupees per person, private car can actually cost 300-350 rupees.

From Kumiraghat to Sandwip Guptachhara Ghat:

The easiest way to reach the island from Chittagong is ‘Kumira to Guptachhara Ghat’. The island is located at the mouth of the Meghna River in the Bay of Bengal and is separated from the Chittagong coast by the Sandwip Channel. It is better to go by ship or speedboat. Of course, you can also go by trawler a lot of the time. It will take one and a half to two hours to reach the island by ship and 20-25 minutes by speedboat. You will get different priced tickets on the ship. You will get a speedboat ticket for 250 rupees per person and a half ticket for children.

The enchanting view of the road from Kumira to Sandwip Channel, as well as flying along with the gannets and the spectacular view of the rainbow in the sky just before dusk will be a great time.

Departing from Kumira around 7 in the morning, you will reach the island by 7:30 in the morning. If you travel with very little time, you can return to Chittagong by speedboat at any time of the day or night. And if you want to see the true allure of Sagar Kanya’s night, don’t stay up at night.


Sandwip now has some pretty good residential hotels to stay at. You can stay in these hotels at a very low cost. If you go to Sandwip Complex by rented motorbike or CNG from Guptachhara Ghat, you will get a residential hotel. Greenchili, Zaman Guest House, Royal Inn residential hotels are of good quality. The hotels have three meals a day. In addition to the food hotels inside the market, you will also find food according to your choice.


Go to see the island and come back without eating fresh fish, so what happens! Here you will find all kinds of fish in the pond, including all kinds of marine fish. When you come to visit the island, you must try the sweets of Sandwip’s traditional Vinayasahar shop, Sandwip’s buffalo curd, dab at least once. The coconuts on this island are both sweet and delicious.

Dwipbandhu Mustafizur Rahman Jetty:

The newly constructed jetty is located at Sandwip Guptachhara Ghat. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the light from the lampposts on either side of the jetty. Along with the roar of the sea, the cool breeze of the sea will bring you endless peace. There are mangrove forests on both sides of the jetty, which has doubled the beauty of the jetty.


The beach is located at Rahmatpur Union in Sandwip. It is known as Rahmatpur Old Steamer Ghat. As the sun descends in the western sky, the reddish glow spreads across the beach. On this beach you will see the breathtaking view of the sunset. The beach has become a pilgrimage site for travel thirsty people. The length of the beach is about 10 kilometers.

Green Char:

You can guess a lot from the name, why the name of this place is green. Many locals call this place Greenland. This place is located in Dighapar union of Sandwip. This char is wrapped in a carpet of green grass, a quiet gentleness of nature. As far as the eye can see, the green and green scenery will make you happy

There are mangrove forests in this char, there are many more birds including buck, kite, mashranga, sand goose, carcass, tia, pigeon in the forest. In winter, Greenland becomes a hotbed of guest birds. No worries, rented motorbikes, CNG to reach the Sandwip complex in 30-40 minutes to get to the greenery.


No matter where you go, don’t worry about safety! Bangladesh Police and Coast Guard are here to give you security. Takes no need to worry about safety. The local people of this island are very sincere and hospitable.

If you want to get a little relief from the daily busy life, don’t come back from the island of the daughter of the impossibly beautiful sea. See what nature has in store for you.

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