England on their way back home after losing to Germany

This is not the first time that England has heard the mantra of ‘returning home’. This time in the final Wembley of the Euro, the noise is going to be heard a little more. But this time it may take the form of a roar.

England last played football at home in the 1986 World Cup. England lost to Germany in the final at Seba Wembley. After that, England could not beat Germany in the big tournament at Wembley. He cut Gero today. England beat Germany 2-0 in the last 16 of the Euros today. So the English can start roaring to return to the football house.

Both teams came down with three defenders. Both teams had four in the middle including two wingbacks. But the difference was in the attack. On the one hand, England came down with two winger Rahim Sterling and Bukayo Saka on either side of main striker Harry Kane. Meanwhile, Germany’s main striker was Timo Werner, who was not in the XI for any match in the group stage. The two behind him, however, were in all three matches. Thomas Mueller and Kai Hawartz, who like to play as the striker’s shadow partners.

There was no surprise in the middle of Germany. Joshua Kimikh and Robin Gossen in the two wings. Tony Cruz and Leon Goretska in between. Seeing the England midfield, however, is bound to have a mixed reaction. Kieran Tripier and Luke Shari are scheduled to land in the two wings. But with creative midfielders like Jason Mount, Phil Foden and Jack Grillish on hand, Kelvin Phillips’ partner Declan Rice. However, the past record of English coach Gareth Southgate speaks in favor of such an XI. The result of the end of the match has also proved Southgate right for now.

The match at Wembley saw both teams find confidence. Germany have not lost to England in the last seven matches at this ground. Meanwhile, England’s only major achievement in football is their victory in the 1986 World Cup final against Germany. Who knows, the memory of that match may have given Declan Rice a place in the XI. Rice played for Geoff Hearst’s club West Ham, which scored a hat-trick in the ’88 World Cup final.

In the first few minutes, both teams were equal. But in the presence of the spectators, the mentally strong England has shown its dominance after that. The host team could not see the goal even though they created chances to score more than once. Sterling took a curved shot from the left edge of the box in the 18th minute. Manuel Neuer has had to show his full potential to prevent that.

In the 32nd minute, Germany got a chance to go against the flow of the game. Hawartz of his attacking team gave his Chelsea teammate a great one-through ball. But Werner did not take advantage of that opportunity, hitting the ball to English goalkeeper Pickford.

Harry Kane will win the competition if the opportunity is lost. At the last moment of the first half, Sterling entered the German D-box with the ball alone. The German players could not stop the ball even if they stopped him. He dropped the ball to Kane, who was standing alone. Kane could not control the ball properly, when he took control, Matt Hummels came and snatched the ball from his feet. England lost the chance to score the easiest goal from just 6 yards out.

Germany showed interest in the game at the beginning of the second half. As a result, Hawartz’s shot in the 49th minute. Pickford’s reflex that journey saved England. At five minutes there was a little counter-attack. Then the football brought to sleep. At one stage it seemed that the two teams would survive if they could somehow take the game in extra time. That’s when the match came to life.

In the 65th minute, Luke Schur cracked a low cross to defend Germany. Nayar had no way to block Sterling’s shot from six yards out.

Thomas Mollar got the goalkeeper alone in the 61st minute with three English defenders. But his shot at the entrance to the box went close to the post.

This mistake may have been the last mistake of Mueller’s international career. Returning to the national team after a year and a half, Muller returned to the Euros without scoring a goal.

Kane exaggerated Mueller’s mistake. He forgot the mistake of the first half in 6 minutes. Grilish’s great pass again found Kane in the space of six yards. This time Kane did not take control. The captain confirmed the victory of the team with a great head with his head bowed.

For the rest of the match, Germany just increased their chances.

Source: Prothom Alo

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