Corona stricken lion, Sri Lanka seeks help

Zoo animals are not protected from Corona infection. The lion’s corona has already been identified in several Indian zoos. This time Sri Lanka gave the same news. A lion named ‘Thor’ has been attacked by corona at a zoo near the country’s capital Colombo. The zoo authorities have sought advice and guidance from India on the treatment of the sick lion.

Authorities in Sri Lanka’s Department of National Zoology Gardens have identified Thor’s Covid-19, Indian media outlet NDTV reported on Friday. Thor, 11, lives in the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens next to Colombo. To the locals, it is known as Dehiwala Zoo. This is the first case of corona being identified in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan Department of National Zoology Gardens said in a statement that Thor’s covid-19 was infected. The statement said Thor had been having trouble breathing for several days. Didn’t want to eat. Considering these symptoms, the zoo authorities decided to test the lion’s covid-19. Multiple PCR tests yield positive results. Although previous antigen tests showed corona-negative.

Sri Lanka brought Thor in 2013 from a zoo in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Now the sick Thor is being given oxygen, the statement said. Four more lions in the zoo have been kept separate. Lion cage caretakers have been sent to quarantine.

Ishini Vikramasinghe, director general of the company, said, “We have never had an animal infected with corona here (in Sri Lanka). Thorai first. We have no experience treating animals infected with corona. The Central Zoo Authority of India has been contacted for this. Their advice and guidance has been sought for Thor’s treatment. ‘

At least two lions have died of corona in India. The last time Neela, a lion, died at a zoo in the southern state of Tamil Nadu was on June 3. The lion, a resident of Anna Zoological Park (also known as Vandalur Zoo) in Vignalur, southwest of Chennai, had no serious signs of corona. However, Sapphire could not be saved. Apart from Sapphire, nine lionesses were identified in the zoo.

Earlier, lions had respiratory problems at the Hyderabad Zoo in the southern Indian state of Telangana in early May. Examination revealed the coronary infections of eight Asiatic lions at the zoo at the time. Several elephant corona-infections have been detected in protected forest areas in India.

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